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How audiobooks can be used in schools

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Audiobooks are one of many tools that can be used to help those with difficulty in reading and there are so many different ways that teachers can use audiobooks with pupils in and out of the classroom. In fact, our new download and streaming service makes it even easier for pupils to listen and learn on-the-go.

Listening posts

Why not set up a listening post in your school library? Our internet streaming service is perfect for this use. For just £50 per year, your students can have a listening library within a library. One computer can be set up and children can check out the titles they want to listen to and sit and listen to them in the library. At the moment there are over 2000 audiobooks and this is increasing all the time.

Literacy hour

Use the CDs or streaming for literacy hour in the classroom, where the students with SENs can listen to a story read by professional actors. This is especially helpful if the characters have accents other than the teacher can provide. A classroom assistant who used Listening Books at St. Joseph’s College, Croydon commented:

'The readers have a varied tone of voice, good intonation and expression. They’re good for the pupils because it means they’re listening to a different voice … It makes a change from just listening to their teacher. By listening … the pupils can hear the correct pronunciation.'

English class

At secondary level, the audiobooks can be extremely efficient in an English Literature class, especially when it comes to revising and learning plays such as Shakespeare. Teachers can use the audiobooks to show the correct intonation, pronunciation and tense.

Topic work

After finishing a class topic such as ‘volcanoes’ teachers can log on to the internet streaming, and have a book play over an interactive whiteboard. This works well as a revision technique.

Homework and research

Book and player set next to headphones

After studying a subject, students can use a Listening Books username and password to log on to our online service and listen to numerous books on a whole range of subjects. This means they can avoid having to research their coursework by trailing through numerous text books which are difficult for them to decipher.

As a cross curricular skill

Listening Books is a perfect combination of literacy and ICT. Pupils can learn how to navigate a website whilst listening to an audiobook of their choice. They are then able to review it and it will appear on the website for other members to access.

Here’s how some of our members like to use the audiobooks:

'One strategy is to give [the students] synopses.  Through listening to the audiobooks, the girls are able to gain a good understanding of the novels.  I know this through questioning them and checking their level of comprehension.' 

'Sometimes, if I am writing a story, listening  ... gives me more ideas about how to describe people and say what they are doing. The audiobook breaks some big words down, says the names, and tells us the meaning.'

'All those with special educational needs benefit from multi-sensory teaching methods. The [audiobooks] provide an audio stimulus which takes less able readers beyond the difficulties of decoding and allows them to enjoy the text and then access the facts and draw inferences from the content to improve their comprehension skills.'



Give your school access to the Listening Books Library

Join Now

Schools can join Listening Books to gain access to 1000's of audiobooks for both learning and leisure. If you have pupils that struggle to read due to an illness, disability or learning difficulty such as dyslexia, then Listening Books could be the answer.

We stock audiobooks for ages 7 and upwards. We have a huge range of fiction but we also support the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 – A-Level, stocking set texts, topic work books and study guides. Some of our most popular audiobooks that our schools ask for, are ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, ‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher and our Shakespeare collection.

As Listening Books is a charity we offer a subsidised membership fee to schools starting at as little as £50 for the year. Find out more about the service we offer to schools here.

You can join by email, complete our online form or giving us a ring on 0207 407 9417. Join today and we can send your school an invoice.

For more information about membership for individuals, click here

Other suggested uses

In addition to those mentioned above, there are many other ways that Listening Books can be used to support study, such as in school groups, reading clubs or book groups.

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Our Sound Learning library

Click here to see our fantastic range of audiobook titles for children and young people.


Downloads & streams!

We now have a fantastic online library of over 1000 titles so your pupils can listen on the go.

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Find out the many ways that using audiobooks at home or school can help students support their studies.

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