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Member quotes

'I have to spend a fair amount of time in bed. There is no question whatever that the delight of listening to books – and the wide range available – has made my quality of life immeasurably more enjoyable. I am very grateful to Listening Books. Time passes more sweetly.'

‘My health problems mean that I am often in pain at night. Listening Books keeps me sane during those times when sleep eludes me and I give thanks every day for this service. I am a particular admirer of Trollope, especially when brilliantly read by Timothy West, whose skills in this area are second to none. All housebound disabled lovers of literature will appreciate, I'm sure, the pleasure, relaxation and escapism brought to us by Listening Books. Long may they continue.’

'Since Michael is dyslexic he puts most of his energy into 'reading' books rather than listening to what he is reading and so limited knowledge is retained. Audiobooks got round this problem.'

'…out of the 365,394 students who took English Literature, Chris was one of the top five! Needless to say we were all quite overwhelmed by the result and have to say a big thank you to Listening Books for all the help and assistance you have given him over the years which has instilled in him a great love of the English language. I am not sure he would have achieved such an outstanding result without the support you have offered.'

‘Listening Books has given Matthew access to numerous amounts of information that he has taken in through listening to audio. He has been able to access age appropriate material without being dependent on an adult. He can choose when and for how long to listen.’

‘James has 'read' many books which he would not otherwise even want to know about. Trying to persuade James to read is mental torture to both of us. Listening has helped improve our lives. Thank you.’

‘Since the onset of the late effects of polio ... the muscle groups tire out frequently. Reading comfortably is a much missed loss. However, since joining and receiving Listening Books' boxes and CDs, something pretty wonderful and special has happened ... I now adore audios. Listening Books is a treasure trove. All the people involved, through their work and efforts, really do enhance life and quality of life, for those who love (and learn in the case of young students) and depend on the spoken word. The newsletters are excellent, keeping us in touch with the ever widening additions to the catalogue lists, as well as fascinating talks and interviews with authors (loved the Rory McLean interviews recently). For those new to Listening Books – a door is now opening of many good things to come.'

'… thank you very much for giving Tom such a great opportunity to explore some great books without the complications of reading which he experiences.'

‘My son has benefited greatly from audiobooks. He finds an enormous amount of pleasure since being introduced, as there are so many titles to choose. He has acquired a great wealth of words and knowledge.'

'We shall always be grateful to you as an organisation for opening doors, particularly in English, which we never thought would be opened. You have extended the breath of choice in all subjects as listening is far easier than reading for our son.'

'An absolutely wonderful service – a real joy.'

'Jack has become better at listening and then talking about the [audiobooks]. He is more active in the classroom and contributing to his subjects.'

'We are both in our eighties and find great enjoyment listening to these books - the exchange is swift with no delays.'

'Becky got 5 in her SATs for Year 6 listening and speaking. This is due to the amount of audio she listens to. She also has excellent comprehension.'

'The greatest improvement is Tom's love of listening to stories, particularly from the website. He is listening all the time and learning to love books.'


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Listening Books members can download thousands of fantastic titles to an iPod or other portable player!

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MP3 CDs!

Members can choose from a huge selection of MP3 CDs which we send through the post.



Members can listen to thousands of audiobooks instantly on a huge range of devices and computers, including Macs.

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